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March 21, 2015
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First day of Spring and there is a cold wind blowing from the NW.  Maple sap should be running later today since it won’t get above freezing until noon.   There is snow predicted for tomorrow so the cold weather is going to last a few weeks.  We have collected about 6000 gallons of  sap and 140 gallons of syrup so far so it’s a good start to the season.  The sugar content is running lower than last year.  yesterday I checked the harmon woods main drain lines - all had sap running but very slow.  I only found 2 small leaks in the white tube lines that feed into the main black drain lines.   The longest line that runs to the west about 1/2 mile and end in the ravine below the outside dam was in perfect shape.  There were about  10 sap bags that had blown off of the spiles so I put them back on. 

Action during the week. 
3/17 - Bruce reported 900 gallons in the harmon pickup tanks at 1:30pm.  He opend both tanks and hauled 2 tankers from the home woods. 
3/18 - Jim drove the 4010 to the woods to pickup the sap bags.   We had Eric, Dave, Brent, Bruce, Jim and Kyle Oconnell to pickup 500 gallons of sap from the bags.  There were 2 bags that had small holes and were replaced,  Brent found 1 tree that was missing a sap bag and dave/brent tapped a large maple with the one remaing sap hanger. We replaced the valve going to the pump on the harmon pickup tanks and the male connector on the Schwans 425 gallon sap tank.  
3/20 - Jim and Dave were in the harmon woods - only about 2 inches of sap in the bags.  Jim checked the pickup tanks in the valley and they had about 250 gallons. Pittman only has about 3,000 gallons of sap on hand so might not fire up the boiler.
Visited the Rick Traun sugarhouse after going to the Legion fish fry.   Rick has a fuel oil fired evaporator with a pre heater system and a 3 stack reverse osmosis.  He can process 1500 gallons of sap per hour and only uses 4/10ths of a gallon of fuel oil per gallon of maple syrup.   A real nice setup.  So far Rick has gotten 8 gallons of sap per tap since he uses a vacuum system.     

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