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March 28, 2015
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2nd cold morning in a row with a low of 15 degrees.  The sap won’t flow until the afternoon.   We collected bag sap yesterday with Brandon, Erin and kids plus Brent, Quinn and dave.  2 Shots of ether into the trusty John Deere and the diesel engine came to life. We wanted to get the bags empty so they wouldn’t be full of ice today.  While we did that Bruce emptied the homewoods tank of 385 gallons - the valve needed some hot water to thaw before he could get the sap out.    Jim came to the rescue with the hot water and then he headed off to the fish fry in elmwood.   After the sap delivery to Pittmans for processing  Bruce and Dave went downtown to eat the traditional friday fish fry at Deans.  While there they met their cousin Rod Radle who lives in Plum City.  Since PC is in a valley the low that morning was 5 degrees according to Rod. Today  Kevin and Bruce will let the sap down to the valley from the holding tank (about 200 gallons) plus check the tube lines since the older ones can come off when the sap starts to flow through the frozen sap which creates a tremendous amount of pressure.    As of today we have collected about 24,000 gallons of maple sap so we are off to a good start.  This morning was Pittmans 2nd annual pancake breakfast for his family and the sap providers. Jim, Kevin, Bruce Brent and Eric Radle had a good time since they spent 2+ hours there.  We shouldn’t have to pickup any sap till later today from the home woods.  The sap bags will be okay till tomorrow. Tonite the Badgers play arizona for the honor of going to the final four. This past week we ordered 8 tapping bits for next year -  total cost about $151. 

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