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April 2015
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Season Wrapup
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Kevin Weiss sent out the following note April 9th. 
Morning Guys,
It looks like the sap season has come to a close, so we need to make time this weekend to close shop.  Jim and Eric have already taken the bags down and de-tapped the Home Woods, so targeting Saturday to try to wrap this up.  Dave, Bruce and Brent are all unavailable, so hoping most can make it. 
Start at 9 on Saturday 4/11.  Let me know if you can make it.   Kevin Weiss
Jim Weiss made the following notes
4/5 Easter Sunday. Pulled 140 bags off in PM and started washing sap hangers at Dad’s.  Dave’s gone to China for 2 weeks. 
4/6 AM - pulled spiles along road in home woods, bill hill, south hill and middle island .  Pulled off another load of bags at harmons.  Eric couldn’t make it - vehicle in shop
4/7  Quinn and I pulled remaining bags and drove the tractor home.  Eric arrived at 1:30 and I take him to the top of SW hill.  He pulls around to oak knob and I help finish west hill. home woods done.  starts to rain at 5:30pm
4/8  Took Check to Bank from SFB - unhooked lines and pulled storage tank/wagon from home woods - pumped up wagon tires, washed storage tank on wagon, tractor and tractor 150 gallon transfer tank.  Quinn and I hooked rhino to trailer and picked up the 1500 galllon dump tank at Harmons along with 2 ladders, 2 brooms and the pump. Quinn helped remove the transfer tank from the tractor and placed it on the wagon and we put away the wagon and tanks in the hay mow.  Finished washing sap holders (425)     
4/9  Finished packing sap bag holders - washed tractor, 325g spreader tank and plastic 5 gallon pickup pails.  Eric couldn’t make it today. 
4/10 Washed truck 425 gallon tank and one 1500 gallon tank.  Brad pulled taps at harmons all day. 
4/11 Jim & Quinn burned the sap bags and found a tap that still needed pulling in the home woods.  Jim, Quinn, Kevin, Michael, Eric put away storage tanks and spreader in the new building.   Jim, Quinn, Michael, Eric, Kevin,Vinny pulled up the two 1500 gallon pickup tanks and rolled the drain hose onto the spool at Harmons.  Jim washed the tanks at home while the others pulled taps at Harmons - finished by 3pm.  Thank God and Mom. Also Bruce stopped by in the PM and checked up on us.
4/15 - put away the pump motor and health spiles.  
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I was out of the country on business so haven’t had access to do a final sugaring season  update.  Weiss Woods  ended up with 1029 gallons of maple syrup made from 39,478 gallons of maple sap.  This year spring came earlier - sap collection was 3/14 to 4/5 while last year it was from 3/27 to 4/19 -  a full 2 weeks earlier. Sugar content was down 5% to 2.24%,  total sap collection was down 35% and Maple Syrup produced was down 39%.  2015 turned out to be an average year after 2 years of above average production.  The plastic bags produced about 5,000 of sap - 11.7 gallons per tap vs about 7 gallons per tap on the tube lines.  Bags have usually produced more sap per tap.   For the equipment cleanup last weekend the new LLC members along with Kevin and Jim picked up the slack since Dave, Brent and Bruce were not available.     Dave was in China,  Brent had a baseball tournament  (his is the assistant Plum City High School Coach) and Bruce has to start  his recovery process from a cancer diagnosis made early April.  Bruce is a key member of the WW team and we all wish him a speedy recovery.   Jim and Eric untapped the home woods 4/6 and 4/7,  Brad detapped a thousand + in the harmon woods on 4/10 and the rest of the cleanup was done on 4/11. 

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April 1, 2015
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Nature had it’s april fools day joke with a high of 78 degrees today and thunderstorms tonite.   It’s supposed to cool off by Friday so hopefully there will be a final run of sap.   We are currently have collected about 36,000 gallons of maple sap so it appears we won’t be close to last years total of 61,000 gallons.

Yesterday, Jim, Bruce, Brent and Dave picked up 600 gallons of bag sap.  The signs that the season is nearing the end are starting to appear - millers or beetles trying to get in the sap,   gigantic mosquitos starting to bite and we heard 2 croaks from the frogs starting to come out of the frozen mud of the pond.   So far we have picked up about 4,600 gallons from 425 taps from the bags. The tube lines have run about  7 gallons per tap so far this season  and the sap bag taps  about 11 gallons per tap.  That is why we like the sap bags -  we always get more per tap.  
Jim took care of things today and got the on hand sap (about 1500 gallons) delivered before the hot weather could damage it.  Next year we are looking at getting video monitors for the Harmon holding tanks or sap bags,  a 600 gallon tank for the Schwan’s truck and to redo another section of the Harmon woods.        
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